Constant Reminder

she’s a reminder of how uneasy we make our lives
in hopes of finding a calm we can settle in
a place better than
where all the doors she opens
offer different tastes of what we knew

a beauty
and it’s unhinging
meant only for fools
meant only for me

– E.M


Quarter-life crisis

With every difference and individual exposing my inexperience,
I find myself picking up the fragile pieces left of me.

Piecing together the significance of an existence tethered and measured
by the pressures of an unloving world draped in its own pain.

Undeniably scarred and redefined,
by the struggles of the human experience.

– E.M


They completely refocus you.
Conditioning you to maintain an image,
neatly branded by their affluent neighbors.

Thinning out our quality for the sake of their quantity.
All for the pursuit of ideologies, solely driven by exploitation.

Quietly shifting the culture to their taste and vision.
Regardless of the social and economic divisions.

– E.M