How it Feels to Fall

The moment those promises of new became hopes for change, I started sinking.
Everyday had its reminders of my shine, dulled by the just as damaged.

There’s nothing worse than drowning in your own mess.

And it wasn’t until the consequences started showing their faces that I had started taking my breathes more cautiously.

– E.M

All These Quiet Places

I just recieved my copy of a book that my friends Christopher Krzeminski (@CEKBooks) and Jennifer August (@jen_august) collaborated on. They are amazing people that have inspired me in many ways and for many reasons. Show them some support and love, they deserve it. You can purchase your copy on Amazon, as well as the kindle edition. Christopher has other books as well so check those out too. Thank you guys and I hope all of you are having a great day/night. Write on.  

All These Quiet Places